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Teddy & Jolene Songs leopard flowers

This picture was taken in April 1964 shortly after I invented Punk. I'm the one with the adorable snarl. To my left is my nurturing sister, Jolene.

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Hand-Coded Since 1994

You're looking at the decidedly unimpressive first web page I ever made.

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The code of this page has evolved many times and has been upgraded and validated to modern web standards,[1] but I’ve intenionally kept the amateurish 1994 "Hello World!" look. I'm kind of sentimental about it.[2]

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Thanks for stopping by! (In a more civilized time all websites used to say that.)

  1. ^Upgraded in stages from HTML 2.0, to 3.0, to 4.0, to HTML5; implemented PHP features. ()
  2. ^This page design is based on a template provided by my original dial-up internet access provider, Primenet (now defunct) included with their dial-up plans (the only kind of internet access they offered) an email address and a little bit of webspace. My first-ever website – which looked exactly like this one – was at http://primenet.com/~tlj3 (archived from the original on December 26, 1996).